Something New

Something new this week is a fabulous new online platform that allows you to walk with your closet! Want to know more? Check it out…

Closet on the Go

Wherever you go so does your Closet


closet on the go yellow dressCloset on the Go is an online application where you can store the contents of your wardrobe on your online closet and carry it everywhere you go, whether you are on holiday, shopping or whilst simply having a drink with your friends.

After years of working in the luxury fashion industry, and being somewhat of a shopaholic, managing director Manos Gerakinis realised that he was buying the same pair of shoes and ties, some of which were forgotten about in the back of his closet.

His source of inspiration came from Marie Antoinettes book ‘Gazette des atours’, which contained sketches of dresses and fabric samples. The Queen used this book to store and plan her outfits. This lead to the birth of Closet on the Go and the idea of carrying the contents of his wardrobe around with him, whether that be on his phone or tablet.

Closet on the Go will help you to organise your wardrobe and create outfits, whilst also matching your items with potential new pieces you see online or when out shopping. View and share your creations with friends and effortlessly plan what to wear to work or for that special occasion.

closet on the go coffee ipadBecome your personal stylist and create your look whilst on the go. Whether you need to plan ahead for that important meeting or for that special occasion, simply select the items from your online closet or from your wishlist or from something you see online and save it and either create a Style, add them to your Style Calendar or your Holiday Planner.

If in doubt why not ask your friends for advice on that outfit you need to wear out tonight?  Simply create a style or the outfit you wish to put together and share it with the friends who you wish to comment – its never been so easy to get dressed for a night out.

In addition we will keep you up to date with the latest fashion #trends and style news.

Create your closet online today and start sharing fashion ideas with your besties:


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